4 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Blog9 - 4 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Apart from their mental and physical capacity, it is important to help your children improve their social skills. Socializing is one of the best learning avenues for children. Through interacting with other people, they can learn the essential values and acceptable behavior that will prepare themselves for the life outside your home.

Socialization can be done in school, in the park, in the playground, and anywhere where they can meet other people. In this article, we will teach you how to improve the social skills of your children:

Maintain eye contact

A child with great social skills can establish a solid eye-contact with people. This reflects their confidence in interacting with people, especially in entering a conversation. Normally, children who are new to socialization are ashamed and cannot look into other’s people’s eyes. There are secrets on how to teach your children in establishing a good eye contact.

First, engage in an eye-to-eye contest. Stare at each other until one of you lose eye contact. You can also place a dot or sticker of an eye on your forehead. Train your child to look straight at the dot or sticker. This will help them look at the direction where the eyes are. Lastly, try the swinging exercise. Maintain an eye contact with your child while they are swinging on a swing.

m2 - 4 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Teach them emotions

It is important that your children understand the concept of emotions. Let them imitate a variety of emotions – joy, sorrow, anger, disappointment, excitement, weirdness, nervousness, mischief, and danger, among others. Through this, your children can differentiate emotions, making it easy for them to react appropriately to certain situations. Further, it will teach them not to be insensitive to various circumstances that may encounter while they grow.

Encourage them to talk

The most important phase of socialization is communicating. Your children should not be ashamed to express their thoughts, insights, and ideas. They should learn to express verbally or non-verbally. This will help them overcome their shyness and gain trust and confidence in themselves.

Always communicate with them. Ask them questions and encourage them to respond. Let them share about their day in school and with friends. Further, teach them the magic words like “thank you”, “please”, “excuse me”, and “sorry” which are essential in communicating with people.

m1 - 4 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Expose them to people

To test your children’s social skills, expose them to a group of people. You can bring them to school, park, or playground and let them interact with other people. This will allow them to read social cues, interpret non-verbal gestures, and exchange insights with people. Other avenues for children to socialize are sports activities and hobby classes. Gradually, bring your children to a large crowd until they can conquer their fear of interacting with people.

As early as now, take efforts in helping your children learn how to socialize. This will help them when they grow up. Their intelligence will be useless if they do not learn to speak up.

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