Benefits of Swimming

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You will live to be a hundred if you exercise regularly and eat healthy! If you had a nickel for every time we have heard this statement, you would probably be a little bit richer! Sure, you should definitely find whatever format of exercise that excites you. However, after hearing all the incredible benefits that swimming will offer your body, you may just decide to switch to swimming full time from a diverse fitness routine.

What are the objectives of anyone’s fitness regime? To tone up, build stamina and muscles, get stronger and to lose weight. Guess what? Swimming fulfils all of the above and much more. It is a full body workout with a lower probability of risk as compared to other fitness categories.

Also according to Willsha Pools Remodelling Service an hour of swimming burns almost the same number of calories that you would as running? The awesome news is that you can do achieve that volume without risking your joints and bones. A lot of recovering athletes choose swimming as the preferred form of exercise whilst they are unable to engage in their regular workout routine. There is no equipment and no machinery involved as it is just you and the deep blue water. If you want to know why you should be in the pool (apart from the fact that It is super fun!), read on!

1.      Get Stronger

As you propel yourself through water, each kick or stroke that you make falls in the class of resistance exercises. This is because water is twelve times denser than air and you are working against it. Hence, swimming is an incredibly effective tool to increase the level of your muscular strength and to tone up your body.

The reality is that people who swim use most muscle groups to move through the water. When your arms pull, your legs kick. In response, your core is engaged as your stomach contracts to create power for the movement of the legs. This kind of cardio increases your heart rate without stressing out the whole body.

You won’t get bored as you can change up your swimming style in the pool. Go for 50 laps of a breaststroke today, 30 laps of sidestroke tomorrow or 40 laps of freestyle the next day. Not only that, it provides bone strength which is great for women who have crossed over to menopause.

2.      Happy Heart

Speaking of your heart, swimming makes this vital organ pump blood more effectually around your body which means in an increment in your blood flow. Your heart can become larger and has a lower rate of disease due to reduction in your body’s inflammatory response. It also decreases blood pressure and builds stamina. Studies have found that if you spend thirty minutes swimming every day, the chances of coronary heart disease in women will be reduce by thirty to forty percent.

3.      Increase Flexibility

Your ankles stretch with each kick as you move through the water like a fish and push through the aqua pressure to drive yourself forward. Swimming makes you twist, pull and stretch. Of course, if water makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always ameliorate your flexibility by stretching yourself and engaging in other kinds of aerobic exercises. But our personal favourite is swimming!

4.      Healthier Cholesterol

It would be a utopian world if we did not have to deal with issues such as cholesterol. Unfortunately, we are only human and have to manage all sorts of health issues-cholesterol being one of them. HDL, being a positive form of cholesterol, increases with swimming. For every one percent of HDL, the probability of heart disease reduces by 3.5%. Endothelium, a thin layer of cells based along your arteries, tends to lose its level of flexibility as the human body ages. Research has found that individuals who swim or take part in any kind of aerobic exercises, have the endothelium capacity of people in the age bracket of thirty to forty.

5.      No Sweat

Swimming creates eighty-five percent of body heat as you push and pull in the deep blue. However, as the water is cooler than your body, it also cools you down simultaneously. The magical end result being: no sweat!

6.      Summer Days

Nothing like taking a welcoming plunge into the cool water on a hot, sunny day. You instantly feel rejuvenated and fresh. Your movements are smooth and in sync as you swim. Your body releases any form of toxins as you sweat naturally.

7.      Smile More

Yes, exercise makes you high on endorphins! Swimming is no different! You step out of the pool with happier hormones and a relaxed feeling (similar to yoga). As stated earlier, your body is automatically stretched whilst swimming and as you take deep breaths, you feel tranquil.

Swimming is a quiet sport where it is just you, your body and the water. There is no loud music to motivate you as it is your own mind that makes you push your limits and explore your potential. It allows you to clear your mind and de-stress from the nuisances of daily life. This, by itself, lowers the risk of depression.

8.      Sleep Better

The Sleep Foundation published findings in the year 2013 that individuals who engaged in aerobic exercises had better sleeping patterns. Problems such as tossing, turning and insomnia either did not exist or reduced by twice.

9.      Stay Young

No need to find that mythical fountain of youth-just go find a pool and jump in! Swimming will allow your blood pressure levels to remain within recommended parameters, improve the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain and build your muscle mass. If you are a senior person suffering from join pain, hit the pool! It decreases joint inflammation and builds your flexibility. As a low impact physical activity, it will not risk your body and you have the freedom to move at your own pace.

10.  It’s Economical

The best part is that you don’t need to pay horrendous gym or fitness monthly fees to anyone to let you swim. Go find your community’s swimming pool and just dive in! Perhaps the school in your district allows free access if you are a local resident or will let you in for a small fee.

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