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For the past 30 years, the number of unhealthy children in Canada has tripled. According to Canada’s Public Health Office, only one in 10 children and youth met the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. Moreover, only one in five Canadian children has enough energy intake.

Alarming, right?

These numbers have disturbed us. With this, we started a movement that promotes the health of the children. Children are parents’ responsibilities. They are obliged to take care and nurture their children.

Active Healthy Kids calls all parents to raise their children properly. The future of their children depends on them. Healthy and well-raised children are a reflection of the quality of parenting.

For the past 10 years, we continued to help parents and families be knowledgeable about healthy parenting. We deliver them essential tips, advice, and guide about children’s health. We want your children to be physically and mentally active. Moreover, we also want them to develop social skills that will prepare them for the real world.

In this website, you can also learn about the different illnesses and diseases that may affect your children. We include symptoms, causes, risks, and treatment.

Should you have queries about our services, please feel free to message us.

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