Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Review

MX650 YE Product 554x510 - Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Review

Do you enjoy the feel of the wind on your face and the feel of a strong, sturdy ride as you cruise up and down the rolling dirt hills? Yet are you held back from achieving this dream as you fear a high-quality bike will leave a massive dent in your family’s wallet? Do not worry, the solution is the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket bike.

This is a safe, ideal biking innovation that will appeal to the adventurer in you. Powered by a battery, the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is built with a robust structure and framework. Its high-torque, variable motor is not only safe to use, yet will excite its target market of teenagers that are 16 years old minimum in age and above.

However, plenty of parents have bought this incredible bike for children who are younger than the advertised age of sixteen. A regular, gas-driven bike poses as a potential threat to countless parents.

From any point of view, a bike will appear as a speedy danger. Then, there is the noise pollution to consider! With all the sound that a bike generates, the neighbours surely get disturbed too! Well, the Razor MX650 is relatively silent in comparison and will win your neighbours over.

It is a strong vehicle and can support riders with a weight of one hundred kilograms approximately at a speed of seventeen miles per hour.  The Razor MX650 comes armed with sixteen inches and fourteen inches inflated knobby tires that offer the greatest amount of power.

Check out its awesome features as listed below so you know what a great deal you are getting:

  1. This versatile piece of fast machinery can take you on a ride of up to 17 miles per hour.
  2. Despite being a tough, durable vehicle, the Razor MX650 only weighs 98 pounds once it has been put together. It measures 56″ x 24.5″ x 36″ in size.
  3. Its power is sourced via a trio of 12V rechargeable batteries that have a charging time of twelve hours. Drive the Razor MX650 for ten miles without the need to retune its battery or can be driven for up to forty minutes as well. There will be no need for you to procure a battery charger separately as it will be part of your sales purchase.
  4. The Razor MX650 can support a weight of two hundred and twenty pounds-or in other words, an individual weighing up to a hundred kilograms can sit in comfortably and confidently.
  5. The Razor MX650 has features comparable to its predecessor-the Razor MX500. These include but are not limited to: metal foot pegs that fold, dual suspension, a retractable kickstand, grip acceleration management, a double crown for and much more.

Dual Suspension

It is imperative for a bike (even a teenager’s ride) to be equipped with reliable dual suspension. However, if there is a rare situation where a dirt bike does not dual suspension, then the rider will have quite a challenging time when steering over bumpy, uneven roads. The previous biking products released by Razor did not all contain this critical facility. For instance, the MX350 was manufactured without this attribute. Perhaps, that is the reason safety concerned parents prefer to procure the MX500 instead. 

MX650 YE FrontWheel.png e1518325379133 - Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Review

10 Miles Is What You Get

It is very normal for children to get annoyed and irritated at toys or gadgets that have short charging interval times. This is one of the most popular issues with battery-operated inventions for children.  The MX650 will give your offspring a usage time of forty minutes. In other words, it will allow him to ride ten miles without worrying about a recharge.

Awesome Speed of 17 Miles per Hour

Utilizing the hand driven variable speed function, the rider can enjoy speeds up to seventeen miles per hour aboard the MX650. How do you operate the throttle? Simple! Turn or twist the right-hand side and control the acceleration, just as you would in a regular bike. The “lever brakes” have been placed on each side of the handlebar and are disc-operated.

Now, we do not want to encourage teenagers to go on a wild ride but to promote a concept of safety and fun simultaneously. This is why we have kept the speed up to seventeen miles per hour only.

Considering that the Razor MX650 as a product targets children and teenagers, that is a reasonably high speed. It is no substitute for original, powerful gas-oriented motorcycles yet serves as a safe, initial stepping stone to pursuing the passion of dirt biking.  No matter how old your teenager or child is whom you are buying this for, always ensure that he or she adorns a safety head helmet. We believe security and health come first!

Durable Steel Frame

The Razor MX650 was designed with durability and consistency in mind. It comes protected with a strong steel frame that guards it against the jostles and thumps of irregular, craggy ground. You and your Razor MX650 should enjoy an auspicious relationship for many years to come. After all, it is not just some toy: but a fully, functional dirt bike!

Awesome Technical Manual

Who does not love a do it yourself project? Well, we do not if the user guide is confusing and penned in a manner that we do not comprehend. The Razor MX650’s technical manual is quite user friendly. Mind you, it does come with a bit of legal jargon to ensure that the company is protected.

It states that the Razor MX650 is suitable for youth that is 16 years old or older. The Razor MX650 is bigger and heavier than its other counterparts. It does bolster a weight of up to one hundred kilograms. But a lot of parents have posted reviews that highlight their nine-year-old children driving the Razor MX650 and advocating it as a secure, enjoyable dirt biking option. Ensure that you ride it on somewhat flat ground that has a bit of rocks and pebbles here and there.

Or at least, that is how the manual describes it!

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