The Best Paddle Boards of 2018

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If your 2018 New Year’s resolution was to venture more into the great outdoors and paddle your way to success, then you’ll probably be thinking about either upgrading your current paddle board, or breaking into the paddle board scene as a beginner.

Not to fret, while there is an abundance of boards to choose from, we’ve done the hard work for you- scouring the internet, pouring over reviews and compiling our list of the Best Paddle Boards of 2018! Don’t waste another second wondering which board is best, dive into our list below and soon you’ll be the envy of the paddle boarding scene in no time.

  1. Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

With the perfect balance of size and weight, the Atoll is both suitable for more athletically built individuals and those on the smaller scale too. It is built with durable and lightweight materials, and offers a large deck space which gives additional stability in the water.

It stands at 11 feet in length, 32 inches in width and 6 inches in thickness – measurements that make it one of the largest in this list. It is constructed from PVC in a dual layer format which allows the board to retain strength and still have some lightness. The dual layering also gives an additional layer of protection against bashes and bangs.

It can withstand up to 135kg in weight and features a lightweight aluminium alloy paddle that will give you an edge in the water. Included with the paddle board is a heavy duty carry bag constructed of nylon and features a waist strap to assist with transportation. When it comes to inflation, you’ll be assisted by a high-pressure hand pump, and should anything go wrong the onboard repair kit will make sure everything fits back together perfectly.

  1. iRocker Inflatable ALL-AROUND Stand Up Paddle Board 11’ Long 32” wide 6” thick

If you’re after an all-around board suitable for nearly all conditions, and can support heavy weights, then the iRocker ALL-AROUND board is built just for you.

With its 32-inch width and 11’ length it is suitable to be used in a variety of conditions. All the while supporting up to 175kg in weight, and considering it only weighs 10kg we’d say that for its weight it offers great durability.

Its large width means it offers great stability in the water, and features a bungee cord storage area that will allow you to safely store more gear while on the water. It is constructed of three-layer drop stitch material, which gives it a near indestructible finish. It is easy to inflate with a dual action hand pump and can easily be transported with its inbuilt carry strap.

You’ll also receive a removable 9-inch centre fin, and two permanently attached side fins that will greatly assist in the board’s stability on the water.

Deflating the board is an easy process and once complete, the board can be packed away in the included backpack – ready to be transported back to your next destination.

  1. ISLE AirTech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board

This stand up paddle board is built for exploration, and with its 14 perfectly positioned D-rings, you’ll have plenty of places to store all your extra rations that will be required on your day’s journey. It is built to navigate smoothly on flat water and offer great stability through wavy conditions. It weighs in at 8kg and is constructed of military strength PVC – offering a durable finish and lightweight build.

It can take on taller and heavier users with its extra length and width, and is built for recreational paddle board use, but can navigate confidently through more choppy conditions.

It has a one-year warranty and a month-long money back guarantee and can be packed down and transported easily.

  1. BIC Sport ACE-TEC WingStand Up Paddleboard

Winner of the Outsiders Magazine Gear of the Year Award, the Bic ACE-Tec paddle board has a stable, and efficient touring board shape which gives you stability and the ability to cut through the water in an efficient manner. It features a removable fin, 9 D-rings to attach your necessary excursion gear and with its V shaped hull, you’ll experience great glide through the water.

ACE-Tec stands for Advanced Composite Engineered Technology – a technique which uses stacked layers of fiberglass between styrene polymers – the resulting product offers a board which is both durable and relatively lightweight at 13 Kilograms in 11’ configuration.

You’ll find that the boards offer great stability, with their wide stance, so beginners find them particularly easy to ride. The shape of the board offers it the ability to track through flat waters and take on some light wave conditions too. Additionally, you’ll find that turning is a lot easier on this board.

While the centre fin is included in the buy price, you won’t find a lot of accessories with this board, so expect to pay for a paddle or carry bag.

It’s great for someone after a durable board, that can handle a variety of conditions, and is probably suited to rides with between a beginner to intermediate level of skill. Someone who can transition from flat water to surf conditions.

The Close Out

When choosing a board, you have to match it with your skill level and objective. Are you are looking to ride the waves, become the next Formula One racer on the water, or even tour the Atlantic Ocean? Whatever your goals, you have to choose a board shape that matches them.

Wide boards offer stability but sacrifice speed – they are good for beginner riders. Touring boards will be longer in length and are suited to flat water conditions, and racing boards will be thinner and offer a speed advantage at the sacrifice of stability. The final point to be made is that the price of a board mostly comes down to the construction materials and durability.

So, with all those things considered it is now in your hands to choose one of the best paddling boards of 2018 and paddle your way to happiness.


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