Best Electric Skateboards 2018

The electric skateboard market is hitting new highs with every month that passes. Incredible new designs, impressive power and top speeds – and falling prices, but there’s one problem:

How can you cut through all the marketing talk and truly work out what’s right for you?

Well, you can’t – unless you find a site that’s tried and tested a huge range of boards and then ranked the best 10 for you to read!

Which is exactly what we’ve done!

You can browse this list of the 10 best electric skateboards with the confidence that you’re buying based on real user reviews and long terms testing! Read on!


We’re starting with a really serious piece of kit – but the BajaBoard isn’t for everyone!

If you’re looking for something that’s going to take you over practically any terrain (or be complete overkill for your commute!) then you’ve found your perfect match. The BajaBoard packs more all-terrain performance than some older military vehicles (no joke!) – with traction control, custom braking configuration and the ability to handle hills up to a 35% gradient.

Oh – and did we mention it goes nearly 40mph too?

This isn’t the best choice for the city, especially considering it’s hefty weight – but take it out onto some tough terrain and you’ll be unstoppable. It’s not cheap – but it’s masses of fun.

Evolve Bamboo GT 2in1

Evolve make great electric skateboards – hence they feature on this list twice.

This is a powerful board and I can almost guarantee its acceleration will shock you the first few times you skate it. It’s good for a whopping 20+ miles on one charge too – although it does take a bit of time to fully charge up.

If your commute or leisure rides involve hills then the Evolve Bamboo GT 2in1 is a great choice as you’ll barely notice the difference in performance, even on some decent inclines. The quick 4-5 minute wheel change means you can easily convert between smooth street riding and all terrain stuff quickly and easily.


Probably the least conventional looking board on this list, the OneWheel+ is a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ design – but it’s gone down as a style hit with us here.

The huge central wheel and tyre make it really versatile – it eats up the pavement lumps and bumps no problem at all, and grass, patches of mud and pavement puddles don’t bother it in the slightest.

We loved the lights (ideal for dull evening commutes) and the sturdy feel of the design. The ultra-quick charging (around 20 mins full charge!) meant it was a favourite for going back and forth to work. The unique design takes some getting used to, but when you do, it’s fun and very manoeuvrable.

Boosted Dual+

If we had to grade the boards on this list for beauty, the Boosted Dual+ would be at the top. It’s got traditional long-board good looks and even the closest inspection will satisfy the skating connoisseur – as it’s made from really high-end components.

We loved the fact that you can swap batteries out fairly easily – meaning a carrying in spare will save you having to find a charge point at work or half way through a leisure ride. We noted it was a quiet ride too – presumably owing to the belt drive mechanism, instead of the chain on most other boards.

At 15lbs it’s not massively heavy either, meaning it’s a great choice for anyone who’s likely to scoop it up and take in a bit of the city on foot.

Inboard M1

This is a classy looking board – with quite a following thanks to winning combination of style and performance.

Part of the appeal for the Inboard’s followers is the unique way it’s driven – it’s got two hub motors rather than the belt or chain drive you’ll find elsewhere. This mixes things up a little – meaning you can switch between using it as a traditional non-electric board and powered – without having to stop to power on or off.

It’s light too – weighing in at around 14lbs (not far off half the weight of the OneWheel+!) so ideal for picking up if you’re jumping on and off public transport or tackling busy parts of town. A great board with a solid skating purist following.

ZBoard 2 Blue

Where most electric skateboard manufacturers opt for a handheld remote, ZBoard don’t, instead installing patented weight-sensing controls which rely on your shifting your weight on and off your front and back feet to accelerate and brake.

This is a great looking board and benefits from built in carry handles, meaning you can hop on and off and carry as you see fit.

A reliable, easy to use and smart skateboard that’s going to appeal to people who are used to controlling their skating with their feet.

Lou Board 3.0

The Lou Board 3.0 is one of only a small number of electric manufacturers who go for the short-cruiser style – and that’s a definite benefit to people who are likely to be picking it up, strapping it to a backpack or tackling a busy city with it.

It’s cheaper than most others on this list – but still offers an impressive 15-mile range and 21pmh top speed. It’s a pretty board that you’d be hard pressed to identify as an electric skateboard if you didn’t know what you were looking for!

Elwing Boards E1-500

If you’re a non-electric skater you’re going to feel most at home making the transition to the E1-500.

It’s practically the same dimensions and ride height of a normal deck/truck combo – and because of the in-wheel motor, you can push like you would a non-electric set-up. This also gives the option of continuing to skate when you’re out of power, a big benefit when compared to most other boards on the list.

It’s light, cost-effective and will take you around 8-10 miles on a full (90 minute) charge.

Acton Blink S2

The Acton Blink S2 is another alternative to the longboard style that many manufacturers opt for – it’s shorter and lighter – but still offers an impressive 14-mile maximum range.

We felt the Acton was a really great all-round performer. It’s a dual motor system and powers up really quickly.

The lights are a bonus too (although you can’t switch them off) – making for safer commute or leisure ride when the sun’s going down – especially as the forward-facing lights do a really good job of actually lighting your way.

Evolve Carbon GT Street

If distance is your enemy – then the Evolve Carbon GT Street should be your weapon of choice – as it has a massive 31-mile range on a single charge.

The distance doesn’t come at the expense of speed either, it’ll hit 25-26mph no problem and swapping over to off-road wheels will see the same performance over all-terrain. The remote has a small LCD screen too, giving a really ‘smart’ feel to the riding experience.

The board looks incredible too – the unpainted carbon weave makes it look like a seriously costly piece of kit. It takes a while to charge, but it’s possible it’s only going to need to be plugged in now and again with such a huge range.

Very impressive pro-level electric skateboard that outperforms virtually anything else on the market.

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