7 Ways To Regulate Your Children’s Screen Time

Blog5 - 7 Ways To Regulate Your Children’s Screen Time

Being a parent of this generation is very challenging. Unlike before, children today are born in a world dominated by different kinds of technologies – smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, TV, and computers, among others. It is inevitable for these children to be exposed to technology. Supposedly, they are created to make learning for children much easier and interactive. However, these technologies have been abused. Parents also fail to regulate their children’s use of gadgets.

According to ParticipACTION, Canadian children spend an average of 7.5 hours in front of screens every day. Too much screen time for children has a lot of negative effects. Children may experience sleep deprivation, attention problems, obesity, and decreased social interaction.

In this article, we will teach you how to regulate your children’s exposure to screens:

Always communicate with your children

Children may be overly attached to your television or their mobile devices. You may lose time talking to them, asking them about their day. The lack of communication affects your relationship. It is important that you spend time communicating with them.

Encourage them to learn new things

It is healthy to keep your children busy. Instead of sitting the whole day watching TV or playing video games, encourage them to unleash their skills and expand their knowledge on certain things. For example, you can send them to music classes, dance school, self-defense training, or anything they are interested in.

Keep them physically active

Another way of keeping them busy is to expose them to various sports. This will help them enhance their sensorimotor and visual-motor skills. Plus, playing sports is the best way to keep them healthy.

screentime - 7 Ways To Regulate Your Children’s Screen Time

Set a limit on screen time

It’s alright for children to watch television. But it should be your responsibility to regulate their screen time. Select shows that are appropriate for children. You can also limit their screen time from one to two hours maximum. Also, it is best if you accompany them while they are watching TV. This does not only apply to TV but also includes smartphones and mobile devices.

Let them sleep on time

Make it a habit for them to sleep early. Also, avoid putting a television in their room. Keep smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices away from them during the night. As mentioned earlier, screens emit blue lights that inhibit the sleeplessness of a person.

Check the apps

With the internet at home or anywhere, your children can download any application they want. You need to regularly check their tablets or smartphones. Evaluate the apps on their devices. Uninstall apps that promote violence and has sexual content. At an early age, they should be playing with educational apps.

Use technology to regulate technology

There are various technologies that can help you regulate your children’s exposure to technology. There is a device that allows you to automatically turn off all appliances, even the Wi-Fi router. Moreover, install software that regulates your children’s access to unhealthy content on the web.

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