Top 8 Healthy Habits of Healthy Families

Blog6 - Top 8 Healthy Habits of Healthy Families

It is true that healthy living starts in your family. If the children are healthy, the parents are healthy as well. Healthy families share a culture that promotes a healthy lifestyle. They work hand-in-hand to reduce their risks of acquiring disorders. These families do not just want to live longer, but to do more while they are alive. In this article, we will share with you the top healthy habits of healthy families:

They prepare healthy meals

Healthy families are conscious of what they eat. They make sure they prepare a pleasant meal, packed with all the needed essentials, especially for the children. Main meals commonly have 3 to 5 food groups while snacks have 2 to 3. Fruits and vegetables are always present on the dining table.

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They eat together

Healthy families always make sure they gather as one on the table. They share not just healthy foods, but also stories about their day. It is best for parents and children to dine together. According to Pediatrics, children who are picky at foods may develop food acceptance once they see their siblings and parents the same food.

They sleep on time

Healthy families value sleep. After work, school, and household chores, they make sure they go to bed as early as 8 in the evening to end the day, rest, and wake up early the next day. According to a research, lack of sleep increases hunger hormones leading to stress eating. Moreover, Pediatrics found out that children who get the recommended amount of sleep are less likely to become obese.

They exercise together

Healthy families are into an active lifestyle. They jog, walk, bike, or swim together. They may also engage in various sports. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children should have at least an hour of physical activity every day, whereas parents should spend at least three hours of exercise every week.

They limit their screen time

Healthy families are also cautious of their consumption of technology. Today, most families have normalized the use of technology as part of their daily habit. They watch TV, use smartphones, play computer games, etc. It is okay but should be regulated. Too much screen time threatens your family’s health. That’s why healthy families limit their screen time.

They grow their own organic food

Healthy families also find happiness in running an orchard or a mini-farm. Here they grow organic fruits and vegetables. They also raise chickens, pigs, or cows, and even keep honey bees. Healthy families teach their children about sustainability.

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They always have family time

All habits mentioned above are family time. On the other hand, healthy families always find a special time to bond with each other, travel, and experience new things in life.

They help other people

Lastly, healthy families are into helping other individuals and families. They are active in joining organizations, charities, and foundations that raise awareness to certain causes in the society.

Do you consider your family a “healthy family”?

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